kris┬Ěpee noun
An experienced designer fueled by grilled cheese sandwiches and an unrelenting curiosity in the human condition and our growing relationship with technology. Flourishes in work environments that nurture a user-centric, design focused culture.


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Magazine - Graphic Design, Illustration

Based out of San Jose, CA, Karma Magazine is dedicated to being the premier nightlife source.

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Mobile Operating System - Visual Design, Icon Illustration

Palm was once at the forefront of handheld computing technology, seen in their PDA's and the introduction of the first smartphone, the Treo. WebOS was designed to retain Palm's legacy while returning them to their former relevancy. In short, it's the same old tunes on a brand new stereo.

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Mobile Website / Application - Visual Design, User Experience Design

With its virtual currency platform supported by 280 million mobile users, Tapjoy has earned Fast Company's recognition as one of the top 50 innovative companies of 2012 - #1 in Gaming and #2 in Mobile. I was the lead UI / UX designer for the In-App / Offerwall & Social component.

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Press Start

Personal Project - Information Design

A personal exercise to see how I could graphically convey information in a visually appealing way. It has Mario, Tetris, and Space Invaders... I know, crazy huh? Try not to hyperventilate!

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Tablet Application - Visual Design

"Reader" is a document viewing application designed specifically for Sony's Android tablets. I worked on the Tablet S (V1) and Xperia Tablet S(V2) version of Reader. Due to project constraints, we maintained a lot of the previous visual language for V1. For V2, we decided to push the visual style to be more in line with the rest of the Tablet UI.

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Women's Earth Alliance

Website - User Experience Design

Working alongside Cooper through their user experienece workshop, I colloborated with 3 other designers in shaping and presenting a user experience concept for the Women's Earth Alliance.

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iOS Application - Visual Design, User Experience Design

A start-up company gave me the design brief to design "the artifact of your life". I documented the end-to-end process I went through for this three day project.

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User Experience Design, Visual Design

Unfortunately, I can't show any of the cool projects I've worked on at Chase. Sad face :(